To all those who keep my art studio afloat, and to future generations, I make this promise:

 I paint and draw in prayer for a well world.

I commit one day of every week to serving environmental and social justice initiatives in the United States.  I seek direction from non-white leadership.  I serve with action.  I refuse monetary payment for these actions.  I seek to dismantle racism within myself, my local community, and my professional fields.  Please follow this initiative to learn how environmental and social justice need each other:

I seek to clean up my footprint.  I prioritize the reduction of wasted and wasteful materials used in my business practices.

I try to use profit to support individuals and businesses who encourage thriving human and beyond-human communities.  I try never to use my income to support businesses who value profit over the well-being of those communities.  (For starters, Amazon.)


I do not always get it right.  I am open to your help, your feedback, and to learning how to do better. 

in thanks,