In 2022, I begin an exploration of the vulnerable ecologies of North America.  Through a handful of art and science residencies, collaborations with ecologists and ecology students, and walks with human stewards of fragile habitats, a series of large scale watercolor paintings emerge which tell stories of the intricate fabric of place.  The paintings depict the earth as luminous, teeming, and interdependent.  They speak of a community that reaches far beyond the end of our sidewalks,  includes non-human bodies and a wider-than-human intelligence.  The research phase of each painting invites youth living locally to enter their landscape and learn alongside me.  Their curiosity and unique ways of sensing guide the narrative of the image.

01_The Wide WildsSML.jpg

I am currently seeking funding for this project.  Reproductions of each painting will be donated to local municipal spaces where children congregate (libraries, schools), and to the youth, ecologists and stewards who helped to inform the narrative and composition. 


Funding also supports residency fees, offsets the fossil-fuel costs of travel, compensates the working naturalists for their time assisting my research, and pays an artist a living wage.

Pilot in New Orleans

The 4-H Youth Wetlands Program have invited me to their summer workshops and camps to learn alongside their youth ambassadors in the salt marsh, this coming August.


Together, we will conceive of a painting that tells the story of that vibrant delta wetland, to which the well-being of all humans in that region is so tied.


The greater New Orleans area is currently involved in several wetland remediation projects.   The human communities there will depend upon these projects success at restoring land mass to the Mississippi delta.  Without the natural filtering, sponging, and buffering capacity of the marshes, they are dangerously vulnerable to growing storms.

04_salt marsh studies copy.jpg