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If you didn't order a calendar yet because you were out birding, or playing with a toddler, or perfecting your shortbread recipe, or doing your morning pages, or cloudgazing, or grieving our collective trauma, or otherwise just not paying any attention to your phone, congratulations!  You just won 10% off your calendar and free shipping!  Please go ahead and choose "workshop" from the dropdown shipping tab at checkout.


All calendars ship flat in reclaimed cardboard.


As it was last year, the 2024 Beheld Calendar will be in full color, and, when open, a nice large 12" x 26" spread.  I choose to print on paper that is 100% post-consumer content (i.e. not coming from new clearcuts in our forests.)  The paintings I make for this calendar are dreams for the earth and how we choose to live here.   The handpainted grids will include (this year, in a lighter color, thanks to some of your feedback) events and people to inspire curiosity and learning.  

2024 Beheld Calendar

$50.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price
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