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High quality digital inkjet print on French Paper Co's beautiful recycled speckletone paper.  9" x 12".  Ships flat, in plastic sleeve, between paper and cardboard.


This photo makes the print look warped, however that is only a wrinkle in the plastic sleeve.  The print is in great shape.


Select "prints shipping" from dropdown menu at checkout.  Thank you!


I loved the tide pools of Maine’s rocky coast as a child.  The texture and pattern and color always filled me with great wonder.  My sister and I would explore them together, contentedly, happily.


Our tide pool ecosystems are reflecting the consequences of human fossil fuel dependency.  The more CO2 we pump into the atmosphere, the more is absorbed by the ocean.  This causes a series of chemical reactions that results in increased hydrogen ions floating around in the seawater.  This is ocean acidification.  Marine organisms that depend on carbonate ions to grow, like bivalves, corals, urchins and some planktons begin to weaken and die off in acid oceans.  And they are food for many others, like fish and starfish and cephalopods.  We are seeing this kind of habitat decay today, in tide pools all over the world.  


Thank goodness people are beginning to see the need for non-fossil fuel energy sources.  AND thank goodness for our macroalgae (seaweeds.)  Seaweeds build habitat in spite of ocean acidification, and help to lower the pH of the water around them.  They take up inorganic carbon from the water, just as terrestrial plants do from our atmosphere.  

We Were On Our Bellies Looking In (9" x 12" print)

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