A note on sustainable foraging, and the green spring treats that we call fiddleheads!  Not all ferns sprout edible fiddleheads each spring, So know your species.  Ostrich ferns (Matteuccia struthiopteris) are commonly called fiddleheads, or fiddlehead ferns.  When harvesting wild foods, there's a lot to pay attention to: 


-how many plants of this species do you see in this place?

-who else in this habitat depends on this plant for medicine, food or shelter?

-Are there signs of pollution here (is it safe to eat from this place?)

-Is this place visited by many people? (how many other human foragers might you be sharing this food/medicine with?


-If you do feel good about harvesting, can you give something back?  What does this plant need in terms of moisture, sunlight, or soil fertility?  Can you come back when it's in spore and help spread those spores around the forest?  Might you leave a simple gift, song, prayer?  Can you advocate for the protection of this part of the forest somehow?


Original painting from the Ephemera calendar series (2016-2018).  Black walnut ink and pen on paper.  Approx 9.5 " x 12.5".


For a limited time!!!  WHOLESALE FRAME OPTION:

If you would like to upgrade your purchase to the framed piece, for a limited time I'll be offering a flat 80$ framing fee.  This is a wholesale framing price; I will use my local framer's chop shop for artists to frame the work for you before shipping.  After adding this painting to your cart, find the "80$ Frame" item in my shop, and add to your cart.  


If you do not elect the 80$ frame option, piece will ship flat, unframed, between board.  


More about the Ephemera sale and where the proceeds will go:


Fiddleheads (original black walnut painting)

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