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High quality digital inkjet print on French Paper Co's beautiful recycled speckletone paper.  9" x 12".  Ships flat, in plastic sleeve, between paper and cardboard.


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⁣From page 132 of Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer: (about the Three Sisters garden)


⁣“The organic symmetry of forms belongs togethers; the placement of every leaf, the harmony of shapes speak their message.  Respect one another, support one another, bring your gift to the world and receive the gifts of others, and there will be enough for all…⁣


⁣You can tell they are sisters: one twines easily around the other in relaxed embrace while the sweet baby sister lolls at their feet, close, but not too close—cooperating, not competing…The firstborn girl knows that she is clearly in charge; tall and direct, upright and efficient, she creates the template for everyone else to follow.  That’s the corn sister.  There’s not room for more than one corn woman in the same house, so the middle sister is likely to adapt in different ways.  This bean girl learns to be flexible, adaptable, to find a way around the dominant structure to get the light she needs.  The sweet baby sister is free to choose a different path, as expectations have already been fulfilled.  Well grounded, she has nothing to prove and finds her own way, a way that contributes to the good of the whole.”⁣

Las Tres Hermanas (9"x 12" print)

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