When the monarch is alive in their chrysalis as a pupa, this being is actually dissolving their own tissues with enzymes, becoming a liquid.  Intelligent cells called "imaginal cells" survive the breakdown; they lived dormantly in the body of the caterpillar and contain the blueprint of the butterfly.  Though they are intially perceived as a threat and attacked by the larvae's immune system, eventually they multiply, strengthen and direct the process of pupae emerging as a new, flying being.  


Monarchs require the thriving of large populations of Milkweed (Asclepias spp), and many of the grasslands, edges, and meadows where milkweed was once abundant, have been replaced with industrial-scale agriculture (corn, soy, wheat, etc).  We are seeing a decline in monarch populations as a direct result.  Plant some milkweed in your yard, your park, your fields!  Support small-scale local agriculture so that your country's farmers have other options besides contracts with giant corporations!


Original painting from the Ephemera calendar series (2016-2018).  Black walnut ink and pen on paper.  Approx 9.5 " x 12.5".


For a limited time!!!  WHOLESALE FRAME OPTION:

If you would like to upgrade your purchase to the framed piece, for a limited time I'll be offering a flat 80$ framing fee.  This is a wholesale framing price; I will use my local framer's chop shop for artists to frame the work for you before shipping.  After adding this painting to your cart, find the "80$ Frame" item in my shop, and add to your cart.  


If you do not elect the 80$ frame option, piece will ship flat, unframed, between board.  


More about the Ephemera sale and where the proceeds will go:


Monarch chrysalis on Milkweed (black walnut painting)