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Like ferns and fungi, mosses reproduce by spores.  A moss' spores are contained in a little structure they send up high above their other parts into the breezes of the forest, so the air currents can carry them elsewhere.  Mosses have the incredible ability to grow into a whole colony from just a single cell-- any cell.  This is why moss is among the first to grow where even small amounts of bare soil are, before vascular plants.  And why "moss milkshakes" are an effective way to spray moss onto an empty brick wall (great for reducing the heat retention and atmosphere-warming-qualities of our cities.)


Original painting from the Ephemera calendar series (2016-2018).  Black walnut ink and pen on paper.  Approx 9.5 " x 12.5".


For a limited time!!!  WHOLESALE FRAME OPTION:

If you would like to upgrade your purchase to the framed piece, for a limited time I'll be offering a flat 80$ framing fee.  This is a wholesale framing price; I will use my local framer's chop shop for artists to frame the work for you before shipping.  After adding this painting to your cart, find the "80$ Frame" item in my shop, and add to your cart.  


If you do not elect the 80$ frame option, piece will ship flat, unframed, between board.  


More about the Ephemera sale and where the proceeds will go:

Mosses with Sporophytes (black walnut painting)

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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