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This reproduction of a painstaking watercolor and pencil piece is very close to my heart.  It's from a wintery time when I fully prioritized seeing into the landscape.  Each day I visited the same meadow, which was taking over the edges of a long-abandoned homestead.  I apprenticed myself to the light, the seed structures that revealed a lush, fruitful season over, the ways to see into the layers of meadow herbs, and the ideas that emerged about how we impact our landscape, and how the landscape responds.  I felt I was learning directly from the land, lessons worthy, and deep, and difficult to pin.


The original is also available.  Please feel free to send me a message if you would like to learn more.


Print is horizontal and 12" x 16", including a white border.  Ships flat between cardboard.


Negentropy (12" x 16" print)

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