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High quality digital inkjet print on French Paper Co's beautiful recycled Speckletone paper.  9.5" x 12.5".  Ships flat, in plastic sleeve, between paper and cardboard.


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She is fierce.  Unapologetic. She does not balk at all this death.  In fact, she is the one who knows how to move death, to use it.  She holds the alchemical secret that makes life from what is available, sleeping, gone.  She honors all beings in this way.  


She protects us from those fears and paralysis that cause us to stagnate.  To die before our bodies do.  She demands wakefulness.


She is full of love.


She is resplendent.  


She has no time or need for pride.  She needs no witness, though we’d do well to notice her.


She is unfathomably vast.


Where we waste, she re-grows forest.  She knows how to make soil from fur and bone.  How to separate water from the blood and return it to the river.  We suckle at her breast when we plant, when we harvest, and when we eat.  We ought to give thanks.


This image shows the scavenger who is mother to all earth.  Goddess of transformation, or reincarnation.  She stands on dead wood, protecting the forest as it grows from the carcass of a deer.  This is the process by which death is transmuted into life again, happening all around us, every day and night of our lives.  Without the scavengers, the vultures and the sharks and the cockroaches and beetles, the bees and ravens and hyenas and coyotes, we would not have soil, not be able to plant new seeds.  Take care to notice them, to thank them.

She Fed All of Us (9" x 12" print)

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