Original painting.  From the Ephemera calendar series.  Turkey tail mushrooms (Trametes versicolor) grow on decaying wood, and have been shown to have anticarcinogenic constituents (when brewed according to specific steps) as a potent tea.


Handmade black walnut ink and pen on paper.    Black walnut ink is lightfast thanks to the high amount of tannins naturally occuring in the fresh hulls.  


For a limited time!!!  WHOLESALE FRAME OPTION:

If you would like to upgrade your purchase to the framed piece, for a limited time I'll be offering a flat 80$ framing fee.  This is a wholesale framing price; I will use my local framer's chop shop for artists to frame the work for you before shipping.  After adding this painting to your cart, find the "80$ Frame" item in my shop, and add to your cart.  


If you do not elect the 80$ frame option, piece will ship flat, unframed, between board.  


More about the Ephemera sale and where the proceeds will go:



Turkey Tail Wreath original black walnut painting

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