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My friends and I in the Blue Ridge Mountains love to watch Turkey Vultures when they gather in the sky, traveling in wide circles, climbing thermals higher and higher.  Though scientists talk about these gatherings happening commonly in the late summer and fall, as a kind of preparation the birds make before their migrations south, we see them in this graceful flight pattern much of the year.  It seems more social and recreational than anything...a pleasant way to spend day when the breezes are warm with one's people.  


Scavengers like vultures deserve our profound gratitude.  Sometimes I imagine how long it would take for all the dead bodies along our roadsides to return to the soil without those birds and mammals who make use of them as food.  Imagine the piles of carrion their absence from the cycles of life and death would leave behind.  The smell of decay would be everywhere.  New plant life would be supressed as the smaller decomposers worked overtime to break down all that flesh.  Thank your neighborhood vulture for beautifying your space!


ephemera originals sale


Original painting from the Ephemera calendar series (2016-2018).  Black walnut ink and pen on paper.  Approx 9.5 " x 12.5".


For a limited time!!!  WHOLESALE FRAME OPTION:

If you would like to upgrade your purchase to the framed piece, for a limited time I'll be offering a flat 80$ framing fee.  This is a wholesale framing price; I will use my local framer's chop shop for artists to frame the work for you before shipping.  After adding this painting to your cart, find the "80$ Frame" item in my shop, and add to your cart.  


If you do not elect the 80$ frame option, piece will ship flat, unframed, between board.  


More about the Ephemera sale and where the proceeds will go:


Turkey vultures, Kettling (black walnut painting)