With the permission of Mr. Berry and his granddaughter, I've painted some of my favorite lines of Wendell Berry's poetry in my home-cooked black walnut ink, and made greeting cards out of them.  Each set of four is printed on 100% recycled paper, 80lb cover weight.  Envelopes included.


Virginia Berry Aquilar, grandaughter of the beloved poet and environmental activist, met me in Louisville, KY last November, when we both attended Mr. Berry's interview of James Rebanks at the public library.  She very generously gave me their blessing to sell these cards to help promote The Berry Farming Program, which she runs.  


I'll be donating HALF of all proceeds to the program, which educates new farmers through an interdisciplinary ecological agricultural curriculum.   I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of the four areas on which the program focuses: sustainable cultivation, the natural sciences, environmental humanities, and rural leadership.  Our world needs this kind of thinking, and people need to be empowered to provide for themselves and their communities through responsible land stewardship and the production of clean, nutritious and whole foods.


for more information, visit their website here: http://berrycenter.org/the-berry-farming-program/



This is one of four variety packs available.  To order in bulk, please contact me via the information on my contact page.

Wendell Berry poetry cards (pack #2)