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© 2015 by Jacqueline Maloney

These images are meant to be spaces where anyone might make meaning.


It was not long ago that humans nurtured threads of story through generations within a culture or family.  Our stories are the way we find our context as we journey through dynamic and unpredictable lifetimes.  Our mythologies hold our tools; from the experiences and wisdom of our elders, we live more richly and then feed our children.  They are the way we weave ourselves into the patterns, space and lives that touch our own, and the way we allow all that is around us to inform who we become.  Story is how we maintain steadiness as we face the myriad of choices, changes and challenges each day inevitably presents.  It cradles us in the dance of direction or a sense of purpose.


I adopt the languages I see in the physical world through careful observation, and then adapt them to a medium, a mood, or a seed of narrative picked up from a passing dream.  I wonder at the way certain patterns or textures carry with them an essential feeling, and how layers of feeling create atmosphere, atmospheres create worlds.


I offer the finished work not as a conclusion, but a beginning.  A space open to your memories, your creativity, the story you need to tell or hear.  The art is of a shared world which we are co-creating, in which we are all magicians.  May it inspire in you unhindered and empowered vision.