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Thank you for all of the support you have shown from the moment we launched Wilderwork Studio.  We are guessing you've wondered now and then about the tree book.  Where is it?!


We intended to have our first book finished and available for purchase by early summer, and then June happened.  June demanded pause.  Pause, reflection, and service.

Our original mission for Wilderwork Studio was to bridge the gap between human-built urban centers and the wild rural edges.  As cries for justice ring throughout this country, we are listening.  We are letting what we hear direct how and for whom we build that bridge.  

For the time being, and before proceeding with our book, we are committing to educating ourselves in the spaces where environmental and social justice intersect.  Some call those spaces "intersectional environmentalism."  We aim to ally ourselves with the Black and Indigenous, and other folks of color in America; we believe it's time to show up in service to those who have been marginalized.  We believe that showing up demands our willingness to self-educate, to sacrifice privileges and comfort, and to make space in the spotlight. 


We still want to talk to you about the beauty of our natural world, and how we believe humans may live well among the bigger-than-human community.  Moving forward, we would like to offer to share resources with you by way of email, website, and social media platforms. 


We will advocate for the communities who are more likely to feel the consequences of climate change the fastest. We will pay close attention to local environmental policies, and learn how to get involved.  We are lending our ears and our hands to environmental justice groups who focus on environmental equity, and we want to share with you our action items along the way.   We want to take you with us.


For now, if you're looking for ways to jump in, we've found this to be a great place to visit often. 


As we try to do right by our communities and earth, we welcome any and all of your feedback, questions or concerns. 


We will continue the creation of our book this Autumn, revolution-pending.   We hope you'll stay with us in the meanwhile.


With gratitude and hope,

Jacqueline & Emily


To our people,

Thanks for coming along!

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